Your food guide in Bali

Ubud is one place not to miss while in Bali. And one activity not to miss while in Ubud is to savour its gastronomy.

From warungs to fine dining, there are myriads of restaurants to choose from… some worth your money, while several not so much. Many offer a table with spectacular views, as well as many roadside modest eateries.

Whatever your dining mood of the day is, there will always be a perfect spot for you; and undoubtedly a picture for your Instagram.

Here are 5 restaurants and warungs for great food you wish you had back home.

Yellow Flower Café

Best place for brunches and smoothie bowls. Owned by a local Balinese family, they serve conscious food from sustainable farms in an open terrace overlooking the lush jungle of Bali.

To get here, you'll need to climb up the steps of PENESTANAN. And follow the narrow path on the right of the ad board.

Sari Organik

A soothing lunch spot nestled in a wonderful location surrounded by rice fields. They offer local food made with organic ingredients, harvested in their own farm (which is conveniently beside the restaurant).

This is one of those places you purposely visit. It's a good hour walk or 10min motorcycle ride from the center.

Warung Adji

Warung means family-owned business. And this one offers one of the best muttons in Ubud. Definitely go for the soup. It has a rich broth that's been simmered for hours. And the meat, oh the ever succulent goat meat, makes you savour each single bite. Plus, the size of the marrow you're able to wolf down is just pure bliss!

Warung 9 Angels

A simple vegetarian warung with a hippie vibe. The buffet is self-service, and you wash your own dishes. You also leave your payment in a 'jar' by the door.

Pasar Gianyar (Gianyar Market)

This isn't really in Ubud but it's only 20min away by motorbike. A regular market by day and a foodie market by night. The place gets busy around 5pm when vendors start preparing their dishes. This is the best spot to try Babi Guling, different Satays, and bite-sized snacks called Jaje Pasar. Definitely a must-visit to experience a local scene.

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