Why do we keep on coming back to Aressana in Santorini?

So we loved Santorini so much, we decided to book another trip to this wonderful island. Set almost magically into the Aegean Sea – it is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Greece. I have learned to love Greece a great deal from my journeys last year (see Athens and Santorini previous posts), for the hospitality of the Greek people, the delicious food, the delectable wine, and the awesome beauty – it’s just simply a wonderful place to stay. If you are planning a to visit Santorini then I think that there is no better place to stay that Aressana Spa Hotel and Suites… I was really looking forward to staying here again (check out our first stay in Aressana last year here) and yes, we had a perfect time again, my mother including…

The Aressana Spa Hotel and Suites is located in the town of Fira. It is a fabulously grand and beautiful location for any period of stay in Santorini, Greece about 20 minutes away from Santorini airport. It offers pleasant surroundings, comfort, and complete tranquillity for a peaceful and relaxing stay. The modern combination of alabaster white and achromatic light greys creates a settling and calming experience which compliments the surroundings of the blue-white churches and restaurants dispersed amongst the town. 

We walked past the delicate seating arranged outside Aressana Spa Hotel and Suites, into a spacious and well-designed lobby area, with an ancient fresco of the Ancient Goddess of Santorini overlooking the reception desk. We were delighted to be greeted by the friendly check in staff, have our bags taken to the room, and to take a seat in the lobby with a cool and crisp drink of Prosecco presented to us.

Since our last visit, Aressana has had a bit of an update with redecoration and new fixtures. The cocktail bar has now expanded its location to a more accessible and discreet position, nestled away in the corner of the swimming pool area and a little closer to the restaurant but nearby for collection of a cocktail or two.. The elegant sliding glass front allows you to have this “walk in feel” as well as being able to have cocktails by the pool.

There is a much larger bar located near the lobby area if you wish to drink indoors

The luxury suites have been updated, cleverly designed to still provide an open feel but with a new doorway which can be closed to give oneself some privacy if there is more than two person in the room. The private pool area is still located directly through the sliding doors of the suite, so you can step out into your own contained area – its an amazing feeling. Even if you don’t wish to have a dip in the pool, there are your own tables and chairs so you can eat and drink by the pool area in complete privacy and comfort.

Annula has kindly upgraded my mum too. She's definitely enjoyed the view, comfort, food, service, and greek hospitality.

Heres a short video of our suite..

With Aressana you really get a totally immersive “spa” feel to the place. The white fittings, Greek pottery and decorations, and the open air aspects of the design create real spaciousness as you walk through, a sense of feeling clean and relaxed. Aressana is proud of it’s aromatherapy essential oils and fragrances which can be bought on site, and also float throughout the indoor locations.

The breakfast restaurant can be found on the ground floor just below Ifestoni Restaurant (see previous blog post here) and is divided into the indoor and the al fresco areas overlooking the pool. What I like about eating here, apart from the delectable and diverse range of ingredients, is that there is plenty of space and room between the tables. You feel like you have space to breath and eat in comfort, without being pressed up against another visitor, but also close enough to feel connected to the surroundings.

The breakfast is served from 8-11 every morning and after being shown your seat in either the outside or indoors area, you could help yourself to the buffet after some soothing coffee or juice. The juice is fresh from the fruit grown on Santorini, and you can really taste the difference.

breakfast by the pool :D

The Greek yoghurt and fresh fruits taste nothing like the fruits you will find in the supermarket, shops, and restaurants in the UK. The Greek yoghurt was rich and full of flavour, and the fruits/vegetables so beautifully fresh, bright, juicy and tasty. You can look forward to delicious Strawberries, Kiwi fruits, vibrant oranges, plums, apricots, dates, delicious sun kissed tomatoes, olives, and more! The olive oil you can find here is so much more flavoursome than you will ordinarily taste.

Aressana's high class Ifestioni Restaurant and Bar has a great view of the island as it located high up with a terrace overlooking Santorini. If you are hoping to see the lights of Pyrgos in the evening during Easter time – then this is a good place to view it from.

In Ifestioni you can find some of Greece’s finest flavours and enjoyable dining experiences. Dining in this restaurant is a pleasure not to be missed –this is somewhere you should definitely take some time to experience.

The ingredients are organically sourced from across the island and elsewhere in Greece (with the hotel growing their own herbs), with special attention paid to the quality of the produce, the preparation of the meal, and presentation of the cuisine. The Aressana Spa Hotel and Suites are very proud of their chef (excellent cuisine made by Chef Aggelopoulos Kostas) who is very skilled at preparing some truly excellent traditional and premium quality meals for visitors.

A major feature of Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites is the Tefsion Kallos Spa. From the lobby area you descend down the staircase down into the peaceful enclosed environment of the Spa area. Here you can find a wide menu of relaxation and wellness possibilities. We loved it so much last time – we just had to make sure we booked in some “us time” with the Spa Therapists. The therapists are warm, professional and well trained.

Although there is a wide selection of options, what I liked about the experience was the bespoke personalised elements of care we were provided with. The spa contains 2 private cabins, with one which can be used for couple’s treatments and the other for single use. We were able to experience our treatment as a couple whilst my mother was able to have some privacy in her own cabin.

jacuzzi time

There is also the Jaccuzi and Spa area which contains a beautiful jaccuzi, steam room, showers, and thermal beds. Delicate LEDs in the ceiling create the illusion of starlight.

As well as a large section of wellness options available there is also a small boutique set within the Spa where you can purchase the specialist massage oils, fragrances, essential oils, eye creams etc. This means you can take them home with you to carry on the experience.

Tucked away around the corner from the Spa is the facilities gym. Fitted with modern equipment, such as running machine, weights, exercise balls, yoga mats, it has all the essentials you would need for a good workout. That said though – there are some great long walks to be found on the cliffs of Santorini, so if you are wanting to get some exercise then get outside! The pool area is also a good opportunity to take an outdoors swim under the pleasant weather all year round.

Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites contains several fabulously beautiful swimming pools. They are kept immaculately clean and clear of any debris. The main pool is set outside the breakfast bar with a small bridge linking the two sides, walking across it provides a link from the restaurant to the sun loungers and luxury cocoon bays found on the other side. Discreetly nestled to one side is a small but well designed professional bar area, where inventive cocktails can be delivered to your seat.

The second pool is set outside the luxurious room dividing glass doors. A smooth and curved walled divides the outside area giving you the sense of complete privacy from others. Each room therefore has it’s own pool area which is quiet, calm, and enjoyable.

The best thing about Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites is feel of the excellent friendly service and Santorini hospitality. You will not be disappointed. Friendly, welcoming, approachable staff who are happy willing to help with any of your needs and requests. They are approachable, able to assist with planning or arranging; transport, tours, site visits, and give advice on activities or locations to visit. You feel completely safe in their care and we have met some amazing people with friendly humour, welcoming, and reliable.

I have to say that our second trip to the Island was even better than the first. It is one of the most beautiful places that you will ever visit, and there is so much about this place which is unique compared to anywhere else in the world. In Aressana Spa Hotel and Suites I feel we have found a second home to stay when we visit Santorini! Thank you Annula, Maria, Jacqueline, Evangelia and all staff for making Aressana a heavenly place to stay.

Aressana Spa Hotel and Suites

Fira, P.C. 84700 Santorini, Greece

Tel.: +30 22860 23900

Fax.: +30 22860 23902

E-mail: reservations@aressana.gr

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