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We arrived at the hotel after a short walk following a moderately stressful taxi experience (see our Athens blog) and after having just about gathered together enough euros to pay him before an argument ensued, we used googlemaps to try and help us locate the hotel. After we had paid the driver the fee and meandered away for a short while, we quickly found our way to NEW Hotel by Yes Hotels which was reasonably easy to find.

do you know they recycled the materials for this design?

As we walked up the marble steps of the hotel, I was feeling a little underdressed arriving in my Holister hoodie and jeans! The reception was plush and well designed, with a smart and artistic interior, with well dressed staff and a warm welcome. The manager later explained to us that the entire interior of the hotel had been created out of the recycled remains of the previous hotel – which I thought was pretty inventive and created a unique décor I haven’t seen anywhere else.

who wouldnt love the interiors in here


The hotel is well located in the Capitol and is within a few minutes of all the key locations you’d like to visit in Athens. It’s only a short walk away from the city centre (perhaps 5-10 minutes) which has a large selection of retail stores, and also within walking distance of some of the key tourist sites, such as Hadrian’s Arch and The Parthenon and The Acropolis. This makes it a good location for both tourist sight-seeing and extensive shopping.


We were booked into the luxury suite on the fifth floor, and were shown our room by first taking the chic elevator ride which was smooth, silent and swift. We were introduced to a large and spacious room with bright clear windows that spread from the floor all the way up to the ceiling, giving an increased sense of spaciousness to an already large room. The bathroom was cleverly designed, so that although it was a separate room, the glass sliding doorway allowed you to feel that you were transitioning gradually into a comfortable space. The bathroom was equipped with subtly hidden speakers allowing you to listen to the TV… perhaps whilst you took your ablutions with the transforming rainfall shower.

The room also came with a fully equipped mini bar, fridge, and transforming giant lampshade and beautiful queen size bed. The glass door to the balcony matched the windows and so it felt like you were gently moving the entire wall to one side, as you moved from the inside space to the balcony which overlooked the city and local church.

The hotel was equipped with all the modern features that you’d expect of a hotel this size, gym, restaurant, and upstairs bar. The restaurant was located on the bottom floor near the restaurant, with comfortable design, great lighting, and a large buffet which stretched around the sides of the room. In addition to the buffet breakfast, there was the option to have a cooked meal from the menu selection.

All in all, this was a lovely hotel, and well located for your first stay in Athens. The hotel staff were friendly, helpful and easy to approach with specific guidance about where is good to eat and to go out during the evening. This would a good hotel to choose if you have never stayed in Athens before and are looking for somewhere accessible and reasonable, with knowledgeable staff who can help you find your way around.

healthy breakfast to start the day

Make sure to check them out by visiting their page here or you can find also their details below.

New Hotel

16, Filellinon Str. & 1, Navarchou Nikodimou Str. 10557 Syntagma sq. Athens, Greece

T: +30 210 3273000 F: +30 210 3273100 E:

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