Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port, Marseille, France

This high class 5 star luxury hotel and resort, is well located alongside the ancient harbour of the city of Marseille just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre. Situated at the heart of this captivating Mediterranean city, Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port is an open gateway to the French Riviera and the Provence region. The hotel overlooks the Mucem and has excellent views of both the Basilica de Notre-Dame and Marseille Cathedral in the distance.

Arriving through the main doors of Sofitel we were immediately struck by the huge and beautiful lobby area. The lobby was decorated with bright colours of gold, orange, red, white and silvery grey leading up to the reception desk. It showed class, luxury and importance. The Mediterranean feel and impressive design demonstrated the refinement on offer at the Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port Luxury Hotel. After waiting a short while in line and checking in with the welcome staff, we were kindly led up to our room on the 5th floor.

Once we got to the 5th floor, we made a short journey along the corridor to our room. We felt very special walking in. There was a welcome card and some luxury chocolates, all decoratively presented alongside the queen size bed and herbal teas.

The room had a wide panoramic view of the harbour and the surrounding city. The view of the city was really quite eye catching, and having this view every morning from our hotel room made us feel so connected to Marseille.

I also have to tell you about the bathroom… The bathroom was astonishingly comfortable. It had one of the most fantastic showers I have ever experienced! We had two sinks and a range of high class Hermes cosmetics for our ablutions. There was a separate toilet and shower area with its own blind system where you could let natural light or provide yourself with additional privacy. The shower was equipped with a multiple shower head system including a wall mounted spray shower, rainfall shower, and four vertical showerheads which could be orientated to target different areas of the torso. Total bliss!

The fabulous air conditioning system also meant that we had a perfect nights sleep in the comfortable and linen sheets and pillows, even when it was 30C degrees outside. The room was well equipped with an excellent easy to use safe and minibar, and just being able to have so much storage space made the experience very comfortable for us.

After spending some time in our room, we were able to explore the hotel more widely. The hotel has some truly excellent facilities including it’s own Fitness centre and gym. It’s a modern looking and sleek gym, with well maintained exercise machines and free weights. It was a good place to go to burn some of those extra calories after eating out! With natural stone and mother of pearl colours, it made you feel comfortable during your work-out routine.  Afterwards there was ample opportunity to relax and unwind in the Spa area, the sauna or one of the swimming pools (indoor and outdoor).

We also took some time to visit The Spa. After walking through the gentle white drapes and fabrics at the entrance of the SPA desk, you walk through into a really immersive relaxation experience. Sofitel SPA has personalised beauty experiences including treatments, facials and massages, with access to an upscale coiffeur for expert styling or new haircut! There is a large sauna area with solarium, “Hammam”, and massage parlour, with access to an indoor pool which is gently lit from below with changing colours reflecting through the water.

I am a big fan of tasty and excellent cuisine, so we wanted to definitely check out the restaurants. There were three main dining areas within Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port. These were:

The Dantes Skylounge – this skylouge bar and terrace offered an amazing outstretched view of the city of Marseilles, the MuCEM and the harbour. It was a great place to sample cocktails. You feel like you are immersed in the landscape sitting here. It’s really quite a breath taking view.

Les Trois Forts – this is the gourmet restaurant which offers refined cuisine ideal for the Riviera experience. Here are provided the delights of Mediterranean food at it’s very finest.

It’s the location for the morning buffet style breakfasts we had, with a vast smorgasbord of delightful fruits, pastries, cereals, breads, sliced meats, natural yoghurts, honey, condiments, crepes, eggs, bacon, sausages! There was so much to choose from.

The third restaurant in Sofitel is Le Carre -  a gourmet break on the terrace of brasserie Le Carré Bistromanie. It’s an interesting place, as the restaurant  gives you the opportunity to discover each weeks themed menu, in a bistro-style restaurant.

Adam: So what were your thoughts about your experience at Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port?
Rod: I think my favourite was the view from the hotel. Especially from the restaurant and the hotel room. It’s so comfortable in there and I loved the bathroom!
Adam: Yes me too, I mean the room and bathroom were amazing (and the shower was awesome). There were some really excellent cosmetics (Hermes) which felt like having a Spa every morning when I was getting ready!
Rod: Marseille is such a wonderful city and Sofitel really makes the experience extra special as you are in such luxury comfort whilst you tour the city. Because of it’s location the city is so easy and accessible.

Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port

36, boulevard Charles Livon

13007 Marseille

France (+33)4/91155900

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