Pierside Restaurant, Kowloon, Hong Kong review

The Pierside Bar and Restaurant, offers contemporary Australian meals which rich flavours and tasty ingredients. It is part of the Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers (see blog post here), Hong Kong which is a modern and impressive building.

The restaurant can be found overlooking the captivating Victoria harbour with the amazing backdrop of the Hong Kong skyline, which is beautiful and striking to look at during the early evening.

The restaurant was a comfortable and pleasant place to dine in, with welcoming staff and an ambient atmosphere, not too bright and not too dark. There is a bar on the ground floor which serves a range of cocktails and drinks, so it’s a nice follow on from your meal.

Buffet Starter

The starter we had was made from a selection of ingredients nicely presented in a appealing buffet style. A mix of vegetables, salads, meats, fish and fresh drinks. We selected these ourselves from the buffet table.

Main Meal -- Chef Speciality: Grilled Pork

This was a tasty grilled pork which was accompanied by some grilled fresh vegetables and a nice teriyaki sauce. I enjoyed taking my time with this dish!

Dessert Speciality

At the end of the meal we were able to help ourselves to a really wide selection of Fruits, Cheesecakes, and sweets.

We were then presented with a wonderful dessert - speciality created just for us! It just blew us away. Decoratively presented in the style of a colourful magical garden, it just really came alive with all the bright and striking fun colours! Candy floss and chocolate was crafted into a magnificent pink tree, with sweet toadstools beneath, and carefully crafted candy flowers and strawberries shaped into rose patterns laid out. Accompanied with a fresh dollop of ice cream, this was a special desert. 


This was a fun place to go, very relaxed and comfortable – a place you can go to which isn’t too costly and great to eat in. You won’t be disappointed and the bar is a pleasant place to finish the evening meal with some well crafted cocktails and drinks.

For more information click here or:

Pierside Bar and Restaurant

Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers

China Hong Kong City

33 Canton Road

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Hong Kong



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