Panoramic Boutique Hotel, Santorini

The Panorama Boutique Hotel is located on the Fira cliff side in Sanotrini looking out towards the impressive volcano and overlooking the Caldera. The hotel has been designed into the Cliffside in a stepped and layered way, which gives a real sense of being part of the landscape which is stunning to view.

The room we stayed in was provided with luxurious linens, coco-mat mattresses and a smart and comfortable bathroom. The balcony of the room provided a high up and perfectly situated view of the gorgeous sunrise and sunset, which we could see each and every morning. There was nothing quite like watching the sunset going behind the volcano whilst drinking a bottle of champagne overlooking the sea.

The Panorama Boutique Hotel is situated right in the heart of Santorini, which gives you easy access to the town. Once you step outdoors you are quickly part of the bustle and life of Santorini. From this hotel you can access all of Santorini by foot which is convenient and enjoyable, without having to experience a noisy environment.

The breakfast was served from 8-10 every morning and was served in the upstairs bar restaurant which gave you a fantastic outdoors view of the Santorini coastline. The breakfast was a combination of menu and buffet – with a delightful selection of Greek meals. Fabulously tasty, well presented, and polite and friendly staff:

view from the breakfast bar

The hotel was peaceful and comfortable, with a great outdoor pool which you could access and was not too busy. Again, the nature of the outdoor location meant that you had great vistas of Santorini and the Volcano.

The staff at the hotel were welcoming and friendly, but mostly left you to your own devices. If you spoke to staff they would be helpful, easy to engage in conversation, and friendly but would not necessarily check in with you about how you were finding the breakfast, room etc.

In many ways this was quite pleasant – you were able to enjoy your time there without any interruption but could also rely on staff to help if needed.

All in all, a great place to stay – especially for the views and access to the town facilities of Fira. Make sure to check them out by visiting their website here.

view from the window

Panorama Boutique Hotel

Fira, Santorini , Cyclades 84700, Greece

+30 22860.21760

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