NH Collection Venezia Palazzo Barocci, Venice, Italy

As part of our journey across the wonderful country of Italy, we decided to take a trip further north to stay a very famous city – the city of Venice. Neither of us has ever been to this truly world famous city, known for its’ amazing Canals, Gondolas, and beautiful buildings... so we were very excited as you can imagine!

We had arranged to stay at NH Collection, Venezia Palazzo Barocci - a Superior luxury hotel. Venezia Palazzo Barocci is a major jewel in the crown of the NH Collection, and we were very much looking forward to our stay at this spectacular location.

Venezia Palazzo Barocci is a dazzling luxury 4 star superior hotel set out onto the banks of the Canal Grand in Venice. As you look out from the reception there is an “infinity pool” effect looking out from the hotel onto the Grand Canal of Venice city. It gives the visitor an impressive sense of what the culture and activity of Venice is. You can watch the various boats and ferries travel along the waterways taking visitors to and from the various docks along the canals.

Our arrival at the Venizi Palazzo Barocci was failrly dramatic – we were taxied across the canal by one of the private boats/ferries close to the door of the hotel. It has an impressive reception area with its own private docking facility. The inside is modern, with excellent facilities and a quiet comfortable environment. The interior of the hotel is chic, with a mix of Venetian furniture and sophisticated design. The back of the hotel leads out into the main city and alley ways of Venice and is ten minutes walk away from Piazza San Marco with its famous Basilica, Pallaza Ducale, and Torre del’Orologio.

The room which we stayed in was simply awe inspiring, take a look:

Set out in a postmodern style, with a splendid chic design and very spacious, we knew we were going to enjoy our stay. The entrance to the room is initially deceptive – with the door opening out onto a small corridor of wardrobes which initially gives the impression of a small room. Once you move around the corner of the wardrobes though, you are exposed to the beautiful and spacious design inside.

The room opens out into a large space with Double Queen sized bed, minibar, balcony, and tea/coffee station, and sofa bed. The room is provided with a large and beautiful bath, shower with excellent bathing facilities so you can relax in comfort.

There is a fabulous balcony which opens out onto the view of the canal and gives you a true sense of Venice. Drinking my coffee in my bathrobe looking out at the Canal Grand of Venice with the boats pacing by was unforgettable:

The breakfast was prepared fresh each morning and presented in a beautiful buffet style, with a serving of coffee and juices. As with the hotel in Rome, there was a wide selection of foods, fruits, juices, pastries, meats, cheeses, yoghurts, breads etc. meant with plenty of food to set you up for the day. There was plenty of natural light and comfortable seating with plenty of space between quests.

Travelling around Venice was easy – the hotel staff were happy to help, and assisted us with arranging a tour to Murano and Burano (see separate blog). We were able to take some amazing views of some of the buildings on these special islands as well as see some traditional glass making and sample some of the local cuisine:]

An unforgettable stay in the Venezia Palazzo Barocci made our trip to Venice so special. If you want to really get the feel of Venice and have a fabulous time – this is the place to stay.

Make sure to visit NH Collection Venezia Palazzo Barocci by clicking here.

San Marco, Corte dell'Albero 3878 A,

I 30124

Venice - Italy

+39 041 2960650

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