Moxy Berlin Humboldthain Park, Berlin, Germany

Moxy Berlin Humboldthain Park Hotel is located in the modern city of Berlin, Capital of Germany in Western Europe. Moxy Hotel describes itself as a budget hotel with the heart of a Boutique Hotel.  It capitalises on Berlin’s creative side, with alternative artists displaying work and the ambience of the underground scene, which are represented in the hotels unique and creative interior design. It is close to Berlin’s famous bars and nightclubs. It also works with local artists and has space for ongoing art projects.

Arrival and Welcome:

At the arrival we met the staff at the reception desk in the lobby area of the hotel. We were struck by the casual creative and artistic feel to the place. We were able to talk to the people at the desk, check in, have some advice on where to go, a brief description of the hotel facilities – and then we were good to go!

Stay and Comfort:

Moxy hotel has spent time working with some excellent design teams who have researched what people like and don’t like within their room. They have comfortable queen size beds with great feeling linen, 43 inch TV, great lighting, laptop and charging points, high speed wifi, air conditioning and great view onto the streets of Berlin.


The hotel has a 24 hour available bar, which is located by the reception desk. You can order all kinds of drinks including, beers, a whole range of cocktails, juices and soft drinks. It has a friendly and trendy night club feel to it, with young staff and plenty of opportunity for conversation. In the morning, this is where you can also find the breakfast buffet which has a number of beverages, cereals, meats, fresh fruits, and dried apricots, dates, and more. On the ground floor you can also find some pretty interesting and quirky areas for relaxation or work. Contemporary design and pop music meet alongside modern art and urban culture.

Moxy Berlin Humboldthain Park

Hochstraße 2, 13357 Berlin, Germany +49 30 6840500

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