Ming Court Hong Kong: a Michelin Star Restaurant review

Ming Court Restaurant has been recognised as a Michelin Star Restaurant since 2009 and is well know for the fabulous Cantonese dishes and sophisticated collection of wines from around the globe. The restaurant boasts its’ own wine cellar containing a selection of 100 different wines. The restaurant is beautifully crafted (as is the food!) with décor of white and gold with a curved spaces to help the visitor feel relaxed dining in comfort.

This up market and elegant restaurant has plenty to offer, with a specialist team who have put together and impressive and skilled menu.

The restaurant were very friendly and were happy to explain everything about the meal (we gave the lady who was serving us a tip as she was so lovely). We were in an exclusive area of the restaurant and so we were excited but also comfortably seated.

And so the first course arrived…

The First Course:

Ming Court Appetiser Duo

Cordyceps Flower, Enoki Mushroom, Matsuke Mushroom, Chilled Supreme Pork Loin, Honey, and Barbecued

It was delicious. Beautifully combined collection of ingredients which made it a really nice appetiser before beginning the second course. Cordycep flowers are technically a fungus, interesting in shape and I’ve never tried before!

Served with: Lanson Rose Label, Brut Rose, France

Second Course:

Ming Court Dim Sum Trio

Shrimp Dumpling, Bamboo Shoot, Steamed Vegetarian Spring Roll, Deep-Fried Scallop Dumpling, Minced Shrimp, Zucchini Steamed

This interesting dish was made from traditional Catonese ingredients with my favourite – shrimp. I am a big fan of seafood (as I’ve mentioned before) and so we were on to a winner! A really mouth-watering course.

Served with: Joh Bapt, Schafer Pitterma Nnchen Reisling Kabinett Nahe, 2016

Third Course:

Cod Fish Fillet, Minced Shrimp, Spiced Shrimp, Fried

Beautifully well-prepared cod fish fillet with shrimp, fried and presented in an attractive style. There is nothing like fresh and enjoyable fish with a meal.

Served with: Cahteau La Tour Des Remparts Graves 2013

Fourth Course:

Wagyu Beef

Sliced M9 Wagyu Beef, Portobello Mushroom, Asparagas, Black Peppercorn, Honey Sauce, Pan-Fried Cubed M9 Wagyu Beef, Garlic, Stir Fried.

Exceptionally flavoursome, the Wagyu beef is a Japanese breed of beef cattle. Rich with flavour and taste from the honey sauce and black peppercorn. The pan fried beef was excellent.

Fifth Course:

Sweet Wonderland

Crystal Extravagance, Black Sesame Bean Curd Pudding Chrysanthemum, Wolfberry Curd, Berries Jelly, Taro Pudding

sweet wonderland

It was presented with dry ice which gave a really dramatic entrance to the dessert! I am pleased to say that the flavours were as dramatic and delicious as the eye-catching presentation. Lovely end to a lovely meal.


The service at this Michelin Star Restaurant is professional and friendly. We were immediately put at our ease and it really was an experience rather than just the meal. You can really sense the time and consideration that has been put into developing a wonderful restaurant. Should be on the list of places for you to dine.

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T (852) 3552 3028 E cdhkg.restaurants@cordishotels.com

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