Midtown Grill, Berlin, Germany

The Midtown Grill is located at the Mariott Berlin-Mitte hotel in the heart of Berlin. It’s a classy, friendly, great place to eat and has a range of meals and drinks for your stay in Berlin. You can expect excellent service and an attention to detail.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of delectable culinary delights, including seafood, Argentinian steaks, Japanese Wagyu and a range of pasta and risotto dishes. Everyday the restaurant has an “indoor” barbecue from 6pm onwards. They also have themed days during the week with changes to the menu, so each day is different.

The restaurant were very friendly and were happy to explain everything about the meal. We were seated in a comfortable and pleasant area of the restaurant. We were excited about tasting our meals.

Here are some of the meals we were lucky enough to order:

As you can see there was great attention to detail for each meal which was well presented and delicious. The crab salad was my favourite due to the full range of delicious flavours and textures. It was a perfect combination. The steak was perfectly cooked with juicy delicious juices too and so these are both great options to try.


The service at this Mariott hotel Restaurant is professional and friendly. We were immediately put at our ease and it really was an experience rather than just the meal. You can really sense the time and consideration that has been put into developing a wonderful restaurant. Should be on the list of places for you to dine.

Midtown Grill

Ebertstraße 3, 10117 Berlin Tel.: +49 (0)30-22 000 6415 Fax: +49 (0)30-22 000 1000 restaurant@midtown-grill.de

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