Hotel Villa Honegg, Ennetburgen, Switzerland

Hotel Villa Honegg is a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Switzerland, high up in the verdant lush green hills and mountains overlooking lake Lucerne. The view from this hotel is absolutely breath taking, with excellent views of the natural rolling landscape which stretches out as far as the eye can see. Looking out at this view is one of those moments when you feel truly alive, it is the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps overlooking the enormous glistening lake. From this location you can feel part of nature as you watch the wildlife and flow of life on Lake Lucerne.

In order to be able to get to the resort, you need to travel to Ennetburgen and the small village of Honegg. Honegg is quite a traditional Swiss village. Beautiful, picturesque and peaceful.

We were picked up by the hotel transport from the bus station, which was clean, efficient and timely. The journey from the bus station takes you along the winding but modern road leading up through the hills (which is itself quite spectacular) until you arrive at the car park in front of the boutique entrance and lobby. The exterior of the hotel is white with blue design blinds at each window. This gives it the appearance of a grand Swiss mansion.

The surrounding greenery curved around the hotel gives the immediate impression of nature, peace and tranquillity. Behind and slightly to the side of the hotel you can also find it’s own garden area, with seating and modern art pieces. This area naturally blends into the landscape and so does not distract from the impressive view below.

We were helped with our bags by the driver (who was very friendly and told us that he had moved to Switzerland from Portugal), as we followed him through into the lobby area.

The lobby is stylish and modern, with furnishings made from natural materials and has an inviting feel. We were greeted and welcomed by Elina who was very friendly and asked us about our journey and trip so far. She explained the hotel had 23 rooms, the locations of the Spa, restaurant, and swimming pool, before taking us to our room herself.

The rooms are located along gentle white walls which are brightly lit by the natural sunlight from the tall windows at the end of each corridor. It’s like walking down a white tunnel and once you reach then end you can see the lush green landscape below. You can occasionally hear the gentle tinkling of cowbells outside.

We then entered the corner room suite, which was one of the most impressive, beautiful and spacious boutique rooms I have ever been in. It was furnished with an eye for detail and comfort. Perfectly laid out with a grand wall mounted 40 inch LED TV, couches and sofa chairs, with walls adorned with framed pictures and art work, there was separate toilet area, another large and spacious en-suite bathroom, fantastically large king size bed with clean fresh comfortable linen, and excellent mattress and pillows for a good nights sleep, WITH ANOTHER wall mounted 40 inch LED TV in front of the bed. Outside of the room there was a lengthy balcony stretching from one side of the room right down to the other, fitted with chairs so you can have a coffee or tea looking out across the Alpine view.

The main bathroom is simply to die for (there are 2), with incredible L’Occitane cosmetic products which leaves your skin feeling amazing but also the fresh aromas are magnificent. I’ve since tried to buy some of the soaps but been unable to find them anywhere – so I suspect they are made specifically for Villa Honneg. Magnificent alabaster bath and sinks, with a fantastic additional shower area can be found behind the sliding doors next to the bedroom.

The second bathroom is somewhat smaller but is comfortable with a beautiful mirror and again L’occitane products. The corner suite also comes with it’s own minibar, daily fresh fruits, High speed wifi, electronic safe, and free use of the personal hotel cinema.

Included with the room was also the A La Carte menu breakfast which is delivered to the room on a wheeled chair, white table top, complete with domed meal covers, and stands for delicacies. You can choose from a range of ingredients the night before which you leave hanging on the door handle outside. The meal is then brought by the waiter staff to the breakfast time of your convenience.

The hotel cinema can be booked at the main desk. It is found on the ground floor in it’s own enclosed area. There are a large collection of films to choose from which can be selected from a DVD menu. Once selected the reception staff take you through to the cinema which can be found a short walk away down a corridor from the lobby. There are plenty of seats in the cinema, which are far more comfortable than you would find in most cinemas. The seats are adjustable and you are also provided with a blanket for comfort. One of the most fantastic things about this experience is that you book out the cinema for your own personal use – the experience of having the entire cinema to yourself! It’s a great feeling I can tell you!

Hotel Villa Honegg also has a fabulously well equipped gym, with modern running and lifting equipment, free weights and exercise machines. There are many replaceable towels (which are placed in a laundry bin after use) and plenty of free bottled water (sparking and still). I came down to use the gym every day and more or less you were able to use the space without having to wait in line for any machines, and had a mat area for stretches and floor exercises. From the gym you can see the impressive landscape.

On the floor below can be found the Spa treatment area, where there is access to facials, massages, and beauty treatments. It is a welcoming and tranquil space which is great for nourishing the body and soul. A short walk in your bathrobe to the floor elevator, takes you straight to this area. Then walking past the Spa and Gym you come to the hotel swimming pool.

The restaurant overlooks the pool area but is raised above it so that there is an unobstructed view of lake Lucerne. There is both an inside and outside dining area which is stylish and sophisticated, but also has the right balance of feeling at comfort without being casual. Eating gourmet food out in the open air with table service is a unique and enjoyable experience here. Set slightly aside to the restaurant is the bar or cocktail area, where you can sit down and enjoy a quiet drink. (See separate blog post about the restaurant to be published soon)

The famous Villa Honneg swimming pool is one of the most astonishing and fantastic experiences of the whole trip. It is worth going to stay in the hotel just to go and experience the pool. I have never been in such a beautiful, comfortable, and amazing looking swimming pool in my entire life. It is one of those experiences I will never forget and is one of the most memorable hotel experiences of our whole European trip. Perfectly heated to the right temperature, it is neither too hot nor too cold. Unlike most swimming pools in luxury hotels, you do not get the “cold shock” effect of entering it. The infinity pool visual effect means that you have the pleasing experiencing of seeing the water of the pool merge into the landscape of the lake Lucerne and the hills below. The pool is cleverly divided into an inside and outside pool area, so it is possible to swim through to each area. Due to the size of the hotel, it is often possible to have the entire pool to yourself, or occasionally one or two other people at most, which makes it a very tranquil and peaceful experience.

Located underneath the water of swimming pool, where the most impressive view of the lake is, there is a submerged jacuzzi. You can sit in this very comfortably, with the shoe-horn space enveloping your body. The heated bubbles then begin to massage your legs, feet and torso, and you can enjoy the relaxation. At the other side of the pool there are two large curved shower heads which once activated create a focussed waterfall effect, creating a curtain of water for you to be able to swim or walk through.

Further up from the pool area are some very comfortable sun loungers and chairs, which overlook the landscape rather than the pool area – so you have a great sense of privacy.

Villa Honneg is simply the most amazing luxury boutique hotel we have ever had the delight to experience. This is a place that you have to put onto your bucket list– you will not be disappointed.

Hotel Villa Honegg

Hotel Honegg AG, Honegg, 6373 Ennetbürgen, Schweiz

Tel: +41 (0)41 618 32 00

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