Heritage Bagan Hotel, Bagan, Myanmar

Heritage Bagan Hotel is Home Sweet Home. After a gruelling 19hrs of wobbly train travel, we arrived at the famous plains—haggard and stiff. That was happily a fleeting discomfort as the hotel arranged a warm welcome for us: a driver with his big wide smile and his yellow tuktuk waiting with his board at the station's main hall.

The smiles continued on in their airy and bright reception hall, purposely elevated so guests can have a quick overview of the entire hotel grounds, which did a great job convincing us we chose the right accommodation as our base in Bagan.


There are 3 types of rooms to choose from: Grand Deluxe, Junior Suite, and Heritage Suite. Each option features huge windows so there's always natural light coming in, solid wooden furniture, and a 'story painting' depicting Myanmar's focal history.

First impression after checking-in was awe and respect to their housekeeping team, our room was blindingly gleaming from its cleanliness.Then our attention was directed towards the beds. Oh it’s heavenly to sleep in, especially because of the soft sheets, fluffy pillows, and feathery duvets. Plus, the bathroom is spacious and complete with a tub and shower room... All these highlights made us want to spend our entire holiday in our room.

For the duration of our stay, we ate all our breakfast at the hotel. Their buffet is appetising and flavourful, and they switch up the menu every other day, so we weren't bored of the selection. Another merit is the variety of good western-style bread they offer. Our only nitpick though is their coffee, it was left on the heater for the entire breakfast hours that it turned sour.

The most memorable part of our stay with Heritage Bagan Hotel was the dinner they prepared for us. We sampled their fusion cuisine, and boy was it delectable (gastronomy blog to be published soon). We had such a lovely and satisfying dinner, wait let’s throw in romantic there :) that we forgot to send our compliments to the chef. Oops, next time we will!

In addition to all these fantastic features, Heritage Bagan Hotel is also complete with amenities—swimming pool, gym, and library—which will keep your body and brain fit and active.

On our last day, as we were preparing for our departure, we couldn’t help but wish to stay longer. Heritage Bagan Hotel, without a shred of doubt, offers their guests traditionally elegant rooms, high quality comfort, and personalised staff service.

Thank you once again for hosting us, we hope to go back and see you soon!

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Bagan Heritage Hotel

Nyaung-U Mandalay Region Myanmar info@heritagebaganhotel.com.mm


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