Antlers travelling with me

Travelling to various destinations across the world can be quite an experience, especially when you are flying from country to country. So we wanted to make sure that we had a reliable and functional suitcase which we could confidently take aboard our airplane. Antler suitcases are easy to transport, stylish and with their various designs you can stand out in the crowd. The Antler website has a really useful function too – you select which Airline you are flying with and they will find you a case suitable for the flight (i.e., British Airways = 56x45x23, 23kgs).

We decided on the colourful and exciting “Juno 2 selection”. Colourful, spacious, secure and with a great design, I felt quite proud whilst I gliding it on four wheels across the airport lounge! The case has a TSA approved combination lock which was easy to use and change as needed. We now have four luggage cases – two tourquise and another two brilliant orange, which means they are very easy to find on the turnstile when collecting them after the flight!

When we were travelling through the mountains and hills of Zermatt, Switzerland I was a bit concerned that the wheels might not survive the journey. I am pleased to say that the light but sturdy design of the case performed well, with no damage or weakening.

In Geneva, Switzerland

People around us, family and friends; have all been a little bit envious of these cases... wanting to know where we got them so they can get one themselves!). I am quite picky when it comes to cases, as I know they are expensive and vital for anyone who is travelling on holiday. There’s always that embarrassment factor if you take with you a battered or cheap tacky designed luggage to a four or five star hotel. Not so with these! Everyone was looking at our cases with their attractive designs.

So we will be taking our suitcase again on our next destination, this time to the paradise Santorini.




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