Glockenhof Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland

Glockenhof Hotel is located in a prime location in the centre of Zurich and is only a short walk away from the famous Zürcher Bahnhofstrasse (shopping street). Zurich is a vibrant, exciting and interesting city to visit and so this is an ideal location to explore this fabulous city. It is everything that you would expect from a Swiss hotel, elegance, style, and attention to detail.

Arrival and Welcome:

We took the train from Munich to Zurich on our travels, and after a long but gentle journey we arrived. We decided to walk the rest of the journey which was about 10-15 minutes walk to the hotel, located in the city centre. In hindsight, I wish we had decided to take the taxi as the streets were very busy that day – we later found out that the absolutely amazing light festival was on (Zuri Fascht – google it!) and I would encourage you if you have chance to go!

The hotel kind of sneaks up on you by surprise as you try to find it… look around and then all of sudden there it is! It has a beautiful white exterior with brick framed windows, with the hotel bar opening up onto the street. Surrounding the hotel are some nice bistros, bars and shopping areas, with green trees scattered about the streets bringing some greenery to the area. It’s also deceptively close to the river which is quite pleasant for walking along.

We arrived at the hotel and made our way to the reception desk where we were met by the professional looking staff. We were politely welcomed as guests, asked about our journey, and provided with our room keys and information about the hotel. We were then directed to our room from the nearby elevator and a short walk away from the impressive wide staircase we found our room.

The room:

The room was very modern, comfortable, and we could store our belongings securely in the safe provided. The queen sized bed was very comfortable and allowed us to rest and relax from our long journey. There were tall windows with white drapes and blackout curtains which added that sense of extra security and comfort. There was a great TV and a couple of very comfortable and stylish armchairs in the room.

The bathroom was fairly large with a beautiful and spacious modern looking bath and shower area, with toilet. The sink was large and there was plenty of space for applying cosmetics and to take some time to prepare for the upcoming day.


The hotel has a 24 hour concierge service with staff who speak multiple languages. When talking to the staff you felt as though they knew what they were talking about and were helpful with any questions that we had.

The Fitness and Wellness Centre is located outside of the hotel. It is a 600 square metre area and about 100 metres away from the Glockenhof. It is a fully equipped gym with a range of activities for all fitness levels and abilities. Examples of some of the activities you can find there include, kick power, body pump, body bike, pilates, gymnastics and yoga. Within this area is also the Holmes Place Spa which includes saunas, steam baths, a whirlpool, beauty treatments and relaxation lounges.

The hotel also has two restaurants inside; Restaurant Conrad and Restaurant Glogge Egge. Restaurant Conrad is a contemporary restaurant with a range of impressive dishes named after the old canon and bell foundry. Here you can find that the restaurant gives special attention to ingredients that have been ecologically produced and sourced from within Switzerland. Restaurant Conrad is a restaurant with a lively boulevard café, a contemporary bar and a leafy garden. Restaurant Glogg Egge is the alternative hotel restaurant which is a classic bistro with a carefully crafted menu of dishes including daily specials and “themed week” menus.

Glockenhof Zurich

Sihlstrasse 31 | CH-8001 Zürich T +41 44 225 91 91 | F +41 44 225 92 92

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