Cathay Pacific - Asia's world city

Before beginning my journey with Cathay Pacific, and flying across to the other half of the world, I was a little nervous about travelling. I was concerned about how I was going to cope with the journey, how I would manage being on a plane for over 16 hours without a stop! The flight I was going to Hong Kong from London Heathrow.

As we boarded, we were greeted with friendly smiles by the in flight staff who were dressed in smart, clean, professional looking uniforms. They took our seat numbers and directed us to where we were seated. It was very different from my previous experience of flying from a budget airline who more or less glanced at the boarding pass.

As we walked through the Business Class Seats, which I have to say looked pretty impressive, well spaced, TV screen, extended leg room, good sized arm rests and contained within their own booth. After being quite envious of business class, I found my seat in economy, which I was pleased to say had good leg room, a reasonable TV screen with plenty of films and box sets, my own cushion and blanket, and we were given comfortable headsets.

During the flight you could request snacks and drinks, with staff very promptly and speedily coming to your seat at request. I never felt that I was putting them out or that they were annoyed or tired by requests. The spoke professionally and met every request with a smile.

My experience of Cathay Pacific has been great and it’s now become my airline of choice– I’m a convert!

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