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The luxurious Aressana Spa Hotel is home to the wonderful Ifestioni Restaurant, where one can find some of Greece’s finest flavours and enjoyable dining experiences. Dining in this restaurant is a pleasure not to be missed –this is somewhere you should definitely take some time to experience.

we ordered room service food for lunch

The ingredients are organically sourced from across the island and elsewhere in Greece (with the hotel growing their own herbs), with special attention paid to the quality of the produce, the preparation of the meal, and presentation of the cuisine. The Aressana Hotel Spa and Suites are very proud of their chef who is very skilled at preparing some truly excellent traditional and premium quality meals for visitors.

Service and Ambience

The Lounge Terrace offers an outdoor space in the restaurant to take in the calm and comforting surroundings of the Spa Hotel. There are very pleasant sights, sounds and aromas as you look out onto the coastal view of Santorini whilst you wait for your meals.

With Ana, the assistant manager

We were made to feel very much at home due to the natural hospitality and friendliness of the Greek people working in the hotel. Evangelia (Owner of the hotel) and Anna (Manager) both took special time out of their day to chat to us and make sure we were having a pleasant stay and enjoying our meal. The cocktail Anna introduced us to (designed by the bar staff) was amazing! We felt we had a connection with the people in the restaurant and hotel.

So here are some of the splendid meals we were able to sample in this welcoming restaurant:

Chef’s Speciality starter

The Chef’s special starter, beautifully presented made from delicious crab meat and seafood, garnished on top. The Chef specially prepared this for us as a warm up to our appetisers.

Octopus Stifado

Adam’s favourite meal – fresh local octopus surrounded with a colourful fondue tomato sauce, complemented with prickly pear pearls and picked onions. The onions were deliciously soft, sweet, and melted in the mouth. The octopus was so well prepared and fresh. Wonderful.

Gaia Aqua

My favourite – crawfish and shrimp. Gaia Aqua appetiser handsomely prepared on the plate with crispy crust coating, cauliflower cream, smoked herring roe and savoro sauce. Delicious!

Fillet Fish of the Day

For this fabulous main meal, the chef had sauced the fish of the day from local fishermen, and presented it in a lovely fish roe cream, black beans puree, and a wonderfully delicate and soft crispy rice pastry which dissolved gently and subtly in the mouth.

Deep sea

The sea food in Santorini is so fresh, so tasty and healthy, it’s one of the great pleasures here. The main course – Deep Sea is made with rice ravioli crab and shrimp filling, local shellfish, and bouillabaisse sauce.

All about Chocolate

And now on to the grand finale! The Dessert! I simply love chocolate and so I just love chocolate desserts. All about chocolate was a grand dessert to complete this splendid meal.

Make sure that you put this wonderful restaurant on your list of places to visit. You can look forward to eating out on the terrace, sampling some fabulous local Greek cuisine which is creatively presented and combines healthy eating with excellence and taste. The people who work in the restaurant make you feel instantly welcome, and there is a vibe and atmosphere here which makes you want to come back. Thank you to all the people working in Ifestioni for such a marvellous experience

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Ifestoni Restaurant

Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites Fira, P.C. 84700 Santorini, Greece

Tel.: +30 22860 23900

Fax.: +30 22860 23902


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