Berlin Marriot Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Berlin Marriott Hotel is located in the heart of downtown Berlin Platz, West Germany, Europe. It is a vibrant and attractive looking hotel which is suitable for either business or leisure. Some of the nearby sites the hotel include the Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenberg Gate (both important landmarks). There are some nearby restaurants and easy access to public transport as required, which means it’s easy to travel about and tour Berlin. The Mall of Berlin is also nearby with a variety of shops and restaurants.

The Berlin Marriott hotel has a highly impressive and stylish lobby which you would expect from the Marriott brand of hotel, but there is also a fun feel to it. There is a characteristic “hug me bear” outside which I just loved (see picture). There is also a very comfortable waiting area with plush seats, cover and table, which is a nice place to rest and relax.

When we arrived at the lobby we were warmly and professionally welcomed, calmly checked in, and had a member of staff take our bags up to our room as we were guided on our way. The hotel is grand with row after row of rooms leading up to the ceiling of the hotel, with grand corridors along the way and has some interesting artwork which you can see as you go up in the elevator. The hotel oozes style and design and you feel like you are staying someone modern, clean and comfortable.

Firstly – I have to say that the room was beautiful and absolutely massive! Inside were fitted two queen double beds with ample walking space between them. From the picture you can see how enormous the room was! There was luxurious bedding, a flat screen TV, spacious work desk, beautifully equipped mini bar, and a fantastic bathroom. The bathroom is so important to me too – it’s not only a place to shower and get clean but has that luxury relaxation/spa feel to it, with slippers and white bathrobes. The room windows were sound proofed too, so we weren’t disturbed by the noise of outside and had a great nights sleep.

The hotel has a refreshing grand indoor swimming pool and 24-hour available professional gym. It swimming pool is grand with a strikingly brilliant bright blue shimmer and is surrounded by luxurious spa type loungers (which are so comfortable you can fall asleep on them). The gym is well equipped with cardiovascular equipment, fresh fruit, towels and water. The gym also has a collection of free weights for use in addition to the machines.

The hotel also boasts customizable event space and conference rooms for meeting or wedding needs. So there is everything that you would need at the Berlin Marriott Hotel.

Mum celebrated her 61st Birthday in Berlin Marriott

The hotel has two excellent lobby bars and two main dining restaurants. – The Midtown Grill and The Big Dog. The Midtown Grill is inspired by classic American steakhouses and prides itself on serving finest quality steaks; for example, you can order the juicy Black Angus steak with some hearty side dishes, or perhaps some giant prawn surf and turf style meal. The restaurant is a plush and comfortable space which provides high quality and delicious food. I’ve always been a fan of lamb and so I had to taste this delicious meal.

The Midtown Grill (see separate blog post) was a pleasant way to treat ourselves to some fabulous meals all in the comfort of the hotel surroundings.

Big Dog was located on the ground floor and is accessible from outside the hotel as well as inside. It is one of the newer restaurants in Potsdamer Platz, and is the place to go for delicious hotdogs, amazing fries and a wide range of select craft beers. It is quite a fun and quirky place and the hot dogs were truly amazing – although there was an American feel, there was definitely the German sausage taste. We found it was a great place to go if you wanted something quick on your way to a tour.

Adam: I think what struck me most about this hotel were the size of its rooms – I mean they were truly enormous.
Rod: Yeah, we had such a great view of the city as well. Apart from that the people in the hotel were also so so friendly.
Adam: Yeah, it really makes a difference when you feel comfortable with friendly staff around.
Rod: I’m so glad we stayed here, it was fantastic.

Berlin Marriott Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Inge-Beisheim-Platz 1

Berlin 10785


+49 30 220000

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