Water Court, Lang Co: An authentic Vietnamese cuisine review

The Water Court Restaurant in Banyan Tree Lang Co, is located near the main building of the resort. It has both inside and outside dining areas (so you can really enjoy the view). It’s Vietnamese style, organised, clean and wonderfully fresh, with a variety of meals. The restaurant has a open show kitchen with offers Champagne for breakfast every morning.

We selected the lang co set menu for our welcome meal.

We were given a pleasant welcome and shown to our table by the friendly waiter. I settled into my comfortable seat inside the restaurant with the open view kitchen and looked forward to our first dish….


Squid and Greed Cucumber Salad

We began with this lovely combination of freshly steamed squid, mint, cucumber, dried peanut and spicy chilli sauce. A delightfully fresh dish and a slight bite presenting from the chilli, a pleasant way to begin the meal.

Pepperomia Salad with Lang Co Beef

Next we were introduced to a wonderfully Vietnamese dish, “stir fried Lang co beef”, with pepperomia, a boiled quails egg and sweet and sour fish sauce. As I looked at this, the combination of colours reminded me of the gently changing natural landscape of Vietnam.

Grilled Beef with piper Lolot Leaves

Moving from the stir fry we next sampled the delicious Grilled Beef tenderloin, with piper Lolot leaves, garlic, shallot, chilli, sweet chilli sauce. Artfully presented on the ornate dish:


Pumpkin Soup with Minced Beef

We then progressed from the delicious texture of the meat dishes, onto this tasty soup. Made from pumpkin, minced beef, garlic, shallot, beef stock, and spices of coriander, a flavoursome soup.


Ha Long Squid Loaf

Now this was pretty interesting. Miced calamari, garlic, shallot, lettuce, pepper, mint, bok choi, sweet and sour fish sauce. Presented in a star formation on the plate, quite eye catching and full of flavour.

Grilled Chicken Thigh with Rock Salt and Chilli

I am quite a fan of chicken, and this had to be my meal of preference. Such a succulent chicken in the mouth, it is a highly enjoyable and recommendable meal. A chicken thigh, grilled, with rock salt, red/green chilli, lemon leaves, and “ram” leaves.

Braised Tofu with Peanut

Again, a wonderful selection of ingredients presented in this course. Some Vietnamese tofu, with peanuts, soya sauce, shallots, served with some steamed rice presented in a clay pot.


Coconut Agar Agar

The final course is the dessert, and it was a lovely end to the meal. Coconut Agar Agar, with dried coconut, mint and peanut. Well presented on the plate and topped with fresh strawberry.

For reservations:

Near the pool area of Banyan Tree Lăng Cô

Cu Du Village, Loc Vinh Commune, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam

+84 2343 695 888


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