Instagrammable spots in Northern Ireland

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I arrived in Belfast. I had always meant to visit the city but due to the separation of land by the Irish sea and needing to get a Ferry or plane to get there (we took the plane) I’d never had the chance to see it properly. Belfast is a reasonably large and modern city and the people are friendly to tourists. There are a number of locations north of the city for sight seeing (and I was keen to see some of the locations where Game of Thrones was filmed). We had chance to arrange some tours from Belfast and one of these locations our driver took us to the Giant’s Causeway. We chose the Odyssey coach company as their itinerary fitted with our taste. There's plenty of coach tours around the area so you can choose which fits yours.

The Giant Causeway

If you get chance to visit Northern Ireland – go and see the Giant’s Causeway. It’s an instagramable location and is quite magnificent to see. Hexangle rocks and columns leap out of the beachfront up into the sky, and it’s possible to step from one to the other as if they were stepping stones. There is one point where the rocks raise up into a point in the sky, which if you climb allows you to look out across the entire beach front.

The Chimney Stacks

Here is a wonderful panoramic view of the cliffs from the Giants Causeway in Country Antrim in Northern Ireland. Stood on the cliff side, looking out into the distance, just on the left hand side at tip of the cliff you can just make out a special column of rocks named "the chimney stacks". A basalt column of hexagonal rocks that stand straight upright from the cliff. Magical place.

Antrim Coast

Antrim coast in Northern Ireland is a lovely town we visited on our way back from the giant's causeway. You can see some of harbour boats moored in the dock. One of the locations of game of thrones too.

the dark hedges

Welcome to the dark hedges which is based in Ballymore in Northern Ireland. This now famous location is frequented by plenty of tourists coming to visit the featured filming site for Game of Thrones. The dark hedges feature as part of the "the kings road" episode in the hit tv series. Its a mysterious and eerie location to visit.

Cliff side

Londonderry (known as “Derry”) is an interesting place to visit. The old city is contained within a large stone wall which runs throughout and around the city. As new developments have been made over time they have extended beyond the walls. There are plenty of interesting places to eat and bars that play traditional music.

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