Glass Hostaria: A must visit restaurant in Rome

Glass Hostaria is a fabulous restaurant located in one of the most historic areas of Trastevere in the centre of Rome, Italy. The restaurant was originally created in 2004 and is headed by Michelin Star Chef Cristina Bowerman with her partner Fabio Spada. Located in the centre of Rome it has a wonderful reputation, and was a place not to be missed.

As we made our way through Rome towards our destination, we journeyed through the quaint vicolos of Trastevere. As we travelled in the pleasant and warm Italian evening, we passed by an impromptu performance of some local musicians, who were playing their acoustic guitars and singing joyfully to a small crowd who had gathered on the steps of a local church to watch. We meandered further through the streets and the atmosphere seemed to change and shift from peaceful to energetic and back again. As we gradually approached the restaurant we could hear the pleasant laughter and chattering, echoing in the streets of the traditional atmosphere and feel of Rome.

As we reached the restaurant we could see the large glass windows shining at the entrance. It appeared stylish and sophisticated with a modern design, combined with a spaciousness and welcome feel. The modern design was set against the traditional backdrop of

Travestere, yet appeared quite suitably placed.

We were given a pleasant welcome and shown to our table at the centre of the restaurant. We walked across the elegant glass panels embedded in the floors displaying selections of wines. The table themselves were elegant, modern and made from frosted glass. We were overlooked by the high ceilings and magnificent cylindrical lighting overhead, highlighting the textured wall panel decorations. We were then introduced to the inspired degustation meal and selected wines for our enjoyment.

Veal puffed tendons, Grana Padano cream and black truffle perlage. Macaron with goat cheese, sesame seeds and olive in a sphere.

I remember closing my eyes as I placed the “single olive in a sphere” into my mouth and allowing the liquid to disperse across my tongue. A highly pleasurable, creative and unique experience.

White fish sashimi, koji, buttermilk, seabeans and fermented plums.

Seafood is my favourite and so when I was presented with this delightful dish I knew it was going to taste sublime as the gentle smells lifted upwards towards me. Absolutely delicious.

Potato gnocchi, sea urchin, black garlic bagnacauda, sun-dried tomatoes, black truffle, edamame, squid-ink crumble and salted lemon.

A splendid course prepared from a wonderfully creative combination of ingredients, which captures the taste buds. The sea urchin in particular provides an interesting and unique flavour to the meal. A wonderful course beautifully presented.

Pork neck, oyster, tuna broth, smoked soy mushroom and algae.

I had consumed oysters in quite some time and so it was a delight to be able to sample them here! The pork, oyster and tuna combination with the inclusion of the mushroom and delicate algae ingredients provided a flavoursome blend of textures and tastes.

We were served with a delicious selection of bread throughout.

Now we come to the desserts...

Condensed milk, espresso jelly, sanded almonds and Baileys ice cream

Handsomely presented and the ice cream was delicate and well made. There was fine balance of flavour between the sanded almonds and Baileys.

Frangipan, cherries, white chocolate mayonnaise and wasabi ice-cream, Banana, hazelnut and peanut butter.

I have never tasted wasabi in ice cream before but along with the white chocolate mayonnaise it was absolutely first-class. One of my secret pleasures is peanut butter – so it’s inclusion here at the end of the meal was a definite bonus!

Petite pâtisserie: blackberry jelly, mini sicilian cannolo and mini Sacher Torte

As you can see it was a beautifully presented dessert, with the Sicilian cannolo reminding you of the delights only to be found in Italy. A great end to a fantastic meal.

mum told the waitress that shes drunk already in the middle of the meal :D

Matched Beverages to the courses:

Champagne Carte Blanche Claude Cazals

Fioranello Bianco 2017 Fattoria di Fiorano

Rosso di Montalcino 2015 Col D'Orcia

Ariapetrina 2009 Masseri a Felicia*

(*The final wine has to have a special mention – an absolutely truly inspired local wine that was served as the raison d’etre of all the beverages and perfectly matched to the course. I enjoyed this wine so much I went straight out and purchased it to bring it back to the UK.)

Glass Hostaria provides an intimate and welcoming environment for the visitor. It is set within a creative space which combines Italian tradition with modern design. The innovation of the chef’s creations and the excellent presentation of each course is something to be enjoyed. If you are going to enjoy Rome – make Glass Hostaria a place to visit. Make sure to check them out by visiting their website here or drop by personally in their address below.

Glass Hostaria

vicolo del Cinque, 58 00153 Roma, Italy

+39 06 58335903

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