#2daysin Sohoton: a comprehensive 2-day travel guide

Concealed in the lone island of Bucas Grande, a cluster of coves lay silently with its ethereal sceneries.

Sohoton is part of the municipality of Socorro. Once overran by droves of daytrippers, it has seen a drop of visits over the years—tourists opt for Sugba Lagoon nowadays for an effortless trip.

Therefore, all the more reason for you to go! No crowd, no bickering, no noise. Just you and the intoxicating panorama of blues and greens.

  • Best time to visit: Mid January-March for dry and pleasant weather.

  • Avoid April-May, it’s the busiest and the most expensive. Also Avoid December, it's the wettest season.

  • Currency: Peso (₱)

  • Language: Surigaonon, Tagalog, and English (every Filipino speaks English)

Sohoton is often visited as part of the island-hopping tours from General Luna, Siargao. However, we strongly suggest to DIY this leg as it's more fun and gives you more control.

Passenger boats operate daily between Dapa port and Socorro port in 1.5 hours, with the last boat leaving around 12pm. Fare: One way ₱100

From Socorro you will be able to charter an outrigger boat to your lodging, or ask them to pick you up. Fare: One way ₱1500

Chartering a boat is also an option, but the most expensive. Fare: One way ₱2500-₱3500

Getting around: Kayaking, paddling, and swimming are the best modes of ‘transport’ to see the surrounding area of your lodging.

Day tours to the lagoons and caves can also be arranged for an extra fee.

Fare: ₱1000-₱3000/pax depending on the size of your group.

Helpful Phrases

  • How are you? : kumusta?

  • Older woman : ate (ah-te)

  • Older man : kuya

  • Thank you : salamat

  • Yes : oo

  • No : hindi

  • How much is it? : magkano po?

  • One (only) : isa (lang)

Do’s & Dont’s

  • Do: Let your guard down (Filipinos are the friendliest people you'll ever meet); Bring tons of insect repellent and sunscreen

  • Don’t: Act bossy and demanding (You're on an island, expect things to go slow); Touch corals and other wildlife; Leave trash lying around



Family Owned Homestay

This is our recommended lodging in Sohoton. Owned and managed by Mike and Sheila, with the help of their 2 energetic boys, the place is an excellent base for your adventures.

Cozily nestled in one of the lagoons, Enchanted Sohoton speaks for itself—clear, turquoise waters beckon you for an all-day swim, trails to caves and lakes invite you for a hike, birds of different species flap their wings to be admired—there’s an endless world of bewilderment here for you!

You’ll also find their coral garden impressive, with most of it salvaged from the surrounding waters—you don't have to go far to see lovely fishes and their equally beautiful stone-homes. It is meticulously well taken care of, so please be very careful when swimming in the enclosure.

And if you are a lover of pets, we have good news: the place is home to 15 cats, 2 dogs, and 1 monkey. There’s obviously no scarcity of cute furry companions here.


A Sandbar with a Killer Sunset View

Borrow the steel rowboat and paddle towards the nearest white sandbar. If you're a local, you must be already spoiled from the countless sunset spots in the Philippines; but one can never have too many sunsets—isn’t it the sole phenomenon that keeps us all sane?

So yeah, end your day of splashing and sunbathing here, or on the island just across; then wait for the dipping of the Sun and watch the sky bursts into deep, enticing hues of red, orange, and yellow.

Tip: Don't let it get too dark, as you might get disoriented and lose your way back to the cove.



A Liquid Lapis Lazuli

The first stop of your lagoon-hopping is Tiktikan, a place that has been called a gem numerous times in blogs and videos. Well, why not? Gem, jewel, treasure—whichever word you choose will, without a doubt, capture the imagination of your friends and will, positively, evoke their curiosity.

Somehow similar to lagoons in El Nido and Coron, Tiktikan’s uniqueness lies in its distinct location.


A Glowing Cave

You must have heard of bioluminescent planktons at one point in your life, so naturally you'll be yearning to see it for real as we've had. Hagukan cave offers this otherworldly affair. See for yourself, as no words can be weaved together to explain and describe this experience.


Spelunking Finished by a Jump

Crawling, climbing, ducking, and swimming are all necessary to reach the end of this cave. It's a great adrenaline high capped off by a 4 metre (12ft) cliff jump.


Chill Out Sesh

Your time here in Sohoton will surely be one for the books.

The stunning landscapes forever instilled in your memory and the novel experience unchallenged for some time.

Spend the rest of your evening chatting away with the owners, drink some beers, watch the stars, play with the pets, and take it all in, one last time, before you go back to the mainland.

ayan! Dreamy 2DAYS in SOHOTON!

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