#2daysin Ljubljana: a comprehensive 2-day travel guide

The city has a quaint medieval feel to it.

Although the largest city in Slovenia, in comparison to other European cities it is relatively small in size (nowhere near the size of London for example) but this has meant that the city has a quaint medieval feel to it and was also voted the European Commission's Green Capital of Europe in 2016. There are a number of activities and attractions which are worth a visit, and so we spent a couple of days here finding out.

  • Best time to visit: April to May, and September to October for a comfortable sightseeing.

  • Currency: Euro

  • Language: Slovene

Getting around: The center is so small you can walk around it in 30min.

Helpful Phrases

  • Thank you : Hvala vam

  • Hello : zdravo

  • Good : dobro

  • How much? : koliko?

  • Yes : ja

  • No : št

Here are the details of the 2 day itinerary we followed for our stay in Ljubljana.

Day 1


Taking a walk by the riverside of Ljubljana

The Ljubljanica is a river than runs through the southern basin in Slovenia, which the capital lies along. The river is quite famous for archaeologists and treasure hunters diving into to find lost relics. There have been a number of important findings in the river ranging from prehistoric times to the Renaissance period. It is not clear why so many artefacts have been found in this beautiful location, but one of the popular theories is that for a long time it has been regarded as a sacred place, which people have discarded objects.


Dragon Bridge

Another well known and famous location we visited was the arched Dragon Bridge, which crosses the Ljubljanica river. The bridge is constructed in a Vienna style and is a protected monument. With grand statues of the Dragons mounted on stone platforms at each corner it is one of Lljubljana’s most famous sites. There is an interesting legend to the construction of the bridge, which is that Jason of the Argonaughts killed a dragon and this is one of the statues on the bridge.


Presernov Trg Square with Fransican Church

Prešernov trg Square is right in the centre of Lljubljana. It’s famous architect was Jože Plečnik who designed many famous features of the city. In particular, the rose pink Franciscan Church which can be found here is one of the most famous images of Lljubljana. It’s a good location to get a great picture without too many crowds.


Ljubljana Castle

Now onto Ljubljana Castle…. The castle can be seen standing on a hill above the city and has been here for about 900 years, and it is Ljubljana's main attraction. There is a funicular which you can take from the city which brings you up the hill to the castle. We decided to walk it – which to be honest felt like a bit of a hike. It has some really beautiful and panoramic views of the city and has 2 restaurants and a café.


Central Market

The central market in Lljubljana is a bustling and vibrant place. Constructed in a rectangle shape and containing many many stalls, it has been here since 1931. It stretches between the triple bridge and the Dragon Bridge on the side of the Ljubljanica river and is relatively easy to find. There is plenty of fruit and fresh vegetables as well as other trinkets to buy here.


Tivoli Park

Next onto Tivoli Park. This is the largest park in Lljubljana. Within the park are a number of famous sites including; Tivoli Castle, Cekin Mansion, Tivoli Hall, Tivoli pond, and the “Boy with a Whistle” statue. The park is home to a number of different wildlife and birds.

Day 2

Lake Bled

This astonishing picturesque and beautiful Lake is a must see destination when visiting Slovenia. It is famous for its bluish green appearance and prominent island resting in the centre with its islet church and medieval castle overlooking. It is possible to take a boat to the island where you can ring the bell of the church for good luck. Travelling here can take a little while and so planning for a day out is a good idea. If you are planning on taking photos whilst you are there (which is a must) then you are going to get the best views in the morning and in the evening, so plan to aim for these times and when the weather is good (check the forecast). We've hiked up to the mountain to get the best view from the top overlooking the lake.

We decided to travel to Lake Bled by getting the train from Lljubljana to Lesce. Lesce is the larger of the train sessions and so the trains run most frequently from here. Lesce is located about 4.5 km from Lake Bled and so it is essential to get a bus or taxi to reach the lake. The bus is relatively cheap and costs about the equivalent of £2 (at the time of writing).

Lljubljana is a place that you can easily spend a couple of days travelling around. If you decide to stay longer than that and you may find yourself feeling a bit restless, having seen most of the sites due its size and location. Lake Bled is definitely worth a visit – a truly beautiful lake and well worth it for the view alone, so be prepared to spend a day out there.

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