#2daysin Hong Kong: a comprehensive 2-day travel guide

Hong Kong is such a lively and elegant city. This is my third time in visiting the city and always enjoyed it. Hong Kong is perfectly located as a stop over when I go back to my home country (Philippines) to see my extended family and my dogs :)

When to go?

Best time to go would be March - April and October - November to avoid the foggy winter season. We went February and we experienced indeed a foggy few days and missed out on visiting Victoria Peak (one of the highest point to see the whole of the city). Hence we only have the on-ground photos.

Getting around

The city is very modern you can find transport wherever you set your eyes on. Theres subways, taxis, busses, trams, cable cars, ferry and express trains. We bought a 3 day unlimited train ticket which also includes a return journey to and from the airport using the express train. It cost £35 but it was very accessible and handy. Especially if youre not familiar about a city, having unlimited train tickets rides is very reassuring.

Helpful phrases

So without further ado, below you’ll find a guide to the best instagrammable locations in Hong Kong city to prepare you for your next trip. Enjoy!

Day 1

Chi Lin Nunnery

Chi lin nunnery is one of the city's most tranquil spot. Reminiscent from the tang dynasty in its architecture, the monastary consist of three gates: first gate represents compassion, second wisdom, and third the skills of people. Apart from buddha statues (in which no one is allowed to use a camera), there are several ponds, bonsais, and water lillies in the are which make it very peaceful. Make sure to check out the whole area to enjoy the solitude.

Getting there: Take the MTR kwun tong line and get to diamond hill. This gem is just few minutes walk from the mtr station and is just opposite Nan Lian garden.

Entrance fee: none

Best time to go: 9:00 - 16:30

Instagram tip: check out the small bridge located on the north of the nunnery

Mong kok

mongkok is one of hongkong liveliest district. In here you can find tons of shopping stalls, markets and malls. Do you know that this neighborhood has a ladies market too? So far this is the best place to go bargain hunting and foods offering up amazing deals.

Getting there: Take the MTR teun wan line and get to the Mong kok station.

Entrance fee: none

Best time to go:

Instagram tip: use some tricks to capture the neon lights

Street food in Tsim Sha Tsiu

As you know already, I always try the street food and the fining dining (click here) in every destination. How would i ever forget the best meal ive had in Hong Kong? It was in a street food in Tsim sha tsiu. Here Ive had the chili garlic pork and some all time fave crab dumpling.

Getting there: have a stroll around tsim sha tsiu and you can choose where to eat on your liking

Entrance fee: none but offcourse youll pay for your meal which is around 5 to 20 pounds

Best time to go: after 5pm

Instagram tip: use some tricks on focus, adobe editing is great help too

Victoria Harbour

A visit to hong kong wouldnt be complete without seeing Victoria Harbour. In this place you will enjoy the views of the harbour, skyscrapers, and avenue of stars, star ferry, symphony of lights. Must come to visit even during the day or night. Here are some of our photos.

Do you know that Victoria harbour is the biggest bay in China?

Getting there: Take the MTR either to kennedy town or tsim sha tsiu

Entrance fee: none

Best time to go: sunset to enjoy both daylight and night time views

Instagram tip: use some tricks to capture the neon lights

Day 2

Garden Hills in Sham Shiu Po

Weve planned to hike up the victoria peak but then we were unlucky as it was very foggy, and the queue in getting tickets is quite long so we didnt bother. We ended up going to an alternative place which is the garden hills to enjoy the view from the top. Undoubtedly, it is a stunning view up there. And it is for free!

Getting there: Exit D2 of Sham Shui Po MTR

Entrance fee: none but it is quite a hike so make sure you are fit enough

Best time to go: sunset

Instagram tip: theres not much people around so you have plenty of options to sit around

Ive missed several spots such as victoria peak, disneyland, and tian tan buddha. You can include the buddha visit and victoria peak on day 2, while disney land would be a whole day trip.

你去吧! Enjoy your #2daysin Hong Kong City!

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