NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Wow. NH Collection Grand Hotel Conventi di Amalfi is impressive and one of those breath-taking places to stay. NH Collection Amalfi can be found in a stunning location on the cliffs of the Amalfi coastline. Built into the grounds of a 12th Century Italian Monastery it’s a truly breathtaking and impressive place to stay, unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s a fascinating blend of modern architecture combined with the original ruins of the ancient monastery. The entire hote

NH Collection Milano President, Milan, Italy

After having travelled on a 4 hour flight from London Heathrow, we were ready for our stay in the Luxury 5 star accommodation of NH Collection Milano President Hotel. The flight had been running late and so we’d been waiting on the runway for an hour before leaving Heathrow. Flying into Milan had been quite a beautiful view and the landing was smooth as we came into the airport. After finding our way out, we found an Uber driver for the price of £22 to the hotel. As we later

#2daysin Milan: a comprehensive 2-day travel guide

Welcome to our two-day experience of Milan! Milan is the well-known North Italian city, famous for fashion and style. We spent some time here on our warm up trip across Europe coming up in July 2019. When to go? The best time to visit Milan is either April to May, or September to October. This allows you to avoid the intense tourism season when you will be surrounded by people, and the peak heat seasons in summer. It’s also a cheaper time to visit - as during the peak seasons

#2daysin Rome: a comprehensive 2-day travel guide

Planning your trip to Rome? Well look no further, we have the information for you! I have always wanted to visit this renowned location and we had the privilege of doing so this year. Rome is the well-known Capital of Italy and one of Europe’s most famous and beautiful cities. It’s also one of the oldest cities in Europe being thousands of years old and famously the birthplace to the Roman Empire.  If you are interested in culture, seeing some spectacular sites, interesting h

NH Collection Venezia Palazzo Barocci, Venice, Italy

As part of our journey across the wonderful country of Italy, we decided to take a trip further north to stay a very famous city – the city of Venice. Neither of us has ever been to this truly world famous city, known for its’ amazing Canals, Gondolas, and beautiful buildings... so we were very excited as you can imagine! We had arranged to stay at NH Collection, Venezia Palazzo Barocci - a Superior luxury hotel. Venezia Palazzo Barocci is a major jewel in the crown of the NH

Glass Hostaria: A must visit restaurant in Rome

Glass Hostaria is a fabulous restaurant located in one of the most historic areas of Trastevere in the centre of Rome, Italy. The restaurant was originally created in 2004 and is headed by Michelin Star Chef Cristina Bowerman with her partner Fabio Spada. Located in the centre of Rome it has a wonderful reputation, and was a place not to be missed. As we made our way through Rome towards our destination, we journeyed through the quaint vicolos of Trastevere. As we travelled i

NH Collecton Roma Palazzo Cinquecento:A luxury five-star stay at a grand hotel in the centre of Rome

We had the pleasure of staying with The NH Collection - Roma Palazzo Cinquecento (Rome, Italy). It is a stunning luxury 5 star hotel located just a few minutes away from the platforms of Roma Terminal Station. The hotel faces out onto the frontage of the private garden which is set out beautifully beneath it, and set within it are some of the ancient Roman ruins of the walls of the city (Mura Serviane) which are striking to see. The hotel is well situated with access to worl