How we managed to get a piece of the Berlin Wall

So during our stay at the Westin Grand Berlin, we were given the fantastic and fun once in a lifetime experience. The hotel has a package experience for it’s guests of wall picking the... Berlin Wall. The Westin Grand Berlin has a fascinating history during the Cold War when it was in East Germany, ruled by Communist Politics and often used by the Ministry of State Security (The infamous Stasi). The Communist government wanted to ensure that they were competing with the Democ

NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Wow. NH Collection Grand Hotel Conventi di Amalfi is impressive and one of those breath-taking places to stay. NH Collection Amalfi can be found in a stunning location on the cliffs of the Amalfi coastline. Built into the grounds of a 12th Century Italian Monastery it’s a truly breathtaking and impressive place to stay, unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s a fascinating blend of modern architecture combined with the original ruins of the ancient monastery. The entire hote

Olympian Hotel, Hong Kong

Our next hotel for our visit is the Olympian. It can be found the district of West Kowloon, one of the 18 districts in Hong Kong. Kowloon city is well known for shopping, arts and entertainment and is close to Victoria harbour. The Olympian is a short walk away from the Waterfront Park and 10 minutes from the MTR (metro station). Arrival and Welcome: The Olympian is a luxury hotel which lives up to it’s name. With beautiful Chinese style fittings and decorations, it is wonder

NEW Hotel in Athens, Greece

We arrived at the hotel after a short walk following a moderately stressful taxi experience (see our Athens blog) and after having just about gathered together enough euros to pay him before an argument ensued, we used googlemaps to try and help us locate the hotel. After we had paid the driver the fee and meandered away for a short while, we quickly found our way to NEW Hotel by Yes Hotels which was reasonably easy to find. As we walked up the marble steps of the hotel, I wa